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In omaggio, per tutti i clienti che spenderanno più di € 500, una miniatura da collezione della poltrona Nemo di Driade

IC T2_L28.2 H35 BLACK by Flos
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IC T2_L28.2 H35 BLACK by Flos
IC T2_L28.2 H35 BLACK by Flos
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IC T2_L28.2 H35 BLACK by Flos

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    IC T2_L28.2 H35 BLACK by Flos


    IC T2_L28.2 H35 BLACK by Flos

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    For Flos, light is the material with which to express new ideas and create new objects. This is why, for over 50 years, it has been one of the most important companies in the field of designer lighting, with its vast collections of indoor and outdoor lamps. Creating iconic products that are archetypes, thanks to the brilliant ideas not only of the masters of design but also of new talents: this is the aim of Flos, which uses past experience to write the future and to shape its identity, thanks to the boldness of its choices, its technological and functional expertise and its poetics of light. Flos shapes light: its lamps contain the right balance between craft and industrial production, between art and design, between tradition and innovation. It is precisely the desire to innovate and reinvent itself that has led the company to experiment with new materials and new technologies.

    Rely on Di Paolo Trade for the assembly service, we will transport and assemble your new furniture with proven competence and professionalism, meeting, where possible, all your needs and directions during installation. Contact us for a cost estimate.

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